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Tying It Together with MMS Media Management

Managing all that call data and broadcast affadavits
was just not feasible through Excel Spreadsheets and
hand-counting. It was fine with just a few clients,
but as our business grew, we had to have sound
automation, management capability on both coasts and
slick new reporting for our complex media buys. That's
why LSM just licensed a new Media Management System
(MMS) from defense contracting firm Info Tech of New
York City. After hearing raves from our Big Agency
colleagues in Boston about this ASP solution custom
deisgned for medium and large agencies, we're
reinvesting into this multi-featured platform. HERE'S
Management System provides users with a wide array of
reports in order to allow our media buyers to optimize
their buying strategy and to justify results to
advertising clients. MMS provides several pre-designed
reports, as well as a flexible report writer that
allows users to design their own reports. Furthermore,
reports can be exported to Excel for further
modification. MMS also offers a client reporting
portal, which allows the MMS user to selectively give
their clients access to reports. This allows those
clients to run their own live reports, and thus saves
the agency a great deal of time in answering client
inquiries and preparing reports for them. Some of the
standard MMS reports include: 1. Allowable Report –
This report visually separates media that exceeds
established performance benchmarks from media that
falls short of them. 2. Daypart Analysis – This report
lets buyers know which times of day provide the best
results. 3. CPO Report – This report emphasizes
performance in terms of cost per order, cost per call
or “cost per anything” that the user feels is
relevant. 4. Ratio Report – This report measures
performance with an emphasis on sales to spending
ratio. 5. Spending Report – This report compares media
scheduled to media aired, to give the buyers an idea
of preemption levels. 6. Spending Pie Chart – This is
a pie chart that breaks spending down by market. 7.
Spending Bar Chart – This is a bar chart that breaks
spending down by creative. 8. CPO Graph – This is a
line graph that visually depicts trends in CPO, CPC or
other performance measures. If you’d like a leg up on
the competition for 2006, learn more about this new
media managment programs from Last Second Media:

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