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Once again, we're seeing client gains on radio and
renewed interest in our pay-for-performance radio
testing network. This two week radio test is just $10K
and qualifies national corporate lead generation
offers for ongoing pay-for-performance broadcast (aka
Per Inquiry). Imagine, your offer will air 30 times on
200 stations nationwide with a cumulative reach of 10
million impressions and 4.6 million listeners. With
these test results, you can confidently move forward
nationally and pay nothing for ongoing radio
broadcast. Many DRTV advertisers have been reporting
success because radio listeners regularly convert to
sale better than DRTV. Plus, with a generally lower
cost per lead and the ability to reach urban markets
in A/B counties, many are reporting that radio is
vital to smooth call flow. TRY IT! Ongoing rates are
as low as $2 to $4 per thousand listeners. Many TV
advertisers are qualifying for large radio PI deals in
supplement to their PI TV business. Smart move to
create a diversified media portfolio with no risk

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