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Here's another addition to our series of direct response marketing tips to help you learn insider secrets and get better results from your media investments...

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Syndication Programming Fire Sale

Just in time for escalating television media in Q4 comes an incredible last second opportunity... >From Sony Pictures Entertainment, we're offering a humongous discount on premium direct response advertising inventory. THE COMEDY HOUR is a syndicated strip show appearing in 91% of America's homes. With a double run on over 100 stations, your direct reponse commercial can truly enjoy national presence. THE COMEDY HOUR features MAD ABOUT YOU and THE NANNY which are a perfect match for female-skewing offers. We are estimating a 1.0 Neilsen rating. Normally retailing for $2,500 for a :30 spot, Last Second Media is offering an unheard of bid price at $1,350 (net). Incredible pricing that's as low as $1.35 CP/M you should try two or three spots just to measure this powerful venue. Contact Favian Perez or Frank Pournelle to arrange your Q4 schedule.


Favian Perez joins Last Second Media as Senior Media Account Manager and becomes part of the new breed of Gen-X/Y media superstars. Bi-lingual, media-savvy, articulate and possessing a knack for solving problems, Mr. Perez joins Last Second Media from the Spanish language publication Estilo Latino Magazine. LSM met Favian Perez as an up-and-coming Hispanic media entrepreneur. As we watched him take the chance in co-founding an innovative, bi-weekly Spanish-language publication, we realized what a talented guy he was. So when capital requirements proved too great for the magazine's survival, we invited Favian to move his desk to our offices instead. Now with us for several months and fully trained, Favian has hit his stride with both Spanish and English language offers. His success makes sense. Previously with AT&T Wireless, Favian was a member of the Direct Marketing e-Commerce team charged with Business Development opportunities. And as a Nextel Business Account Executive, Favian initiated both B2B and B2C telecommunication solutions for contracting, entertainment and transportation companies. During the off hours, you’ll find Mr. Perez attending art house films or visiting his extensive family in Los Angeles. Let Favian guide your media project to profitability by using his insight in marketing to Hispanics, Youth, and busines

Advertising Tip #89 KNOW WHAT A WIN IS...
KnowWhatA WinIs

Before you commit to testing or rolling out a campaign, know what you're looking for. We learned this the hard way when a major direct reponse client decided to "keep moving the cheese". Without a clear direction, no one could do a good job or consider their work valuable. Here's what happened... The client established that their $420.00 self-improvement project was just as viable as Hooked on Phonics or The See Clearly Method. They were clear that they wanted a 6 to 1 return on their media investment. We tested their shortform commercial and distributed the offer on a pay-for-performance basis. It took a little while, but our network was able to attract 250 broadcasters to try this campaign. At $8.50 per valid lead, the campaign delivered a 7 to 1 margin. BUT...the client wasn't happy. They directed us to enforce a special provision in the contract that forced us to pull broadcasters that delivered sub-par conversion rates. On the first pass, we dropped 30 broadcasters that were really not helping the campaign. Next, we pulled an additional 50 stations that were highly profitable, but at the bottom of the conversion ranking. Through lots of hardwork and constant attention, we were able to riase conversion rates by over 12%. Here's the kicker...even after delivering a final 8.5 to 1 return on media investment, after 50 hours of management time investment, and after culling over 80 stations from broadcast, the client chose not to continue the campaign. Now, we'll smile, and treat these folks in a friendly manner -- but what the heck are they after? You can avoid this problem with your vendors, support staff and management team by being clear about your marketing goals. Ask yourself and your team "What do we consider a WIN ?" This way when conversion rates or response or return on investment come back everyone can know where they stand. We're not saying stop improvement, but be clear about wha the final decision-making rules are.


Many DRTV advertisers have been reporting radio success lately. One client reported a 20% savings on a cost-per-lead over television and a 30% improvement on sales conversion over tv leads. This client and others are finding great value with the addition of a remnant cash buy or pay-for-performance campaign on radio. The good news is that we have four radio networks to get started. Plus, direct response radio adds the benefit of delivering urban markets where unsold tv time is hard to acquire cheaply. For some, adding a radio component just supplements the geographic penetration they're having on TV in reaching the heartland, south and smaller markets. Others are realizing TV viewers are different from radio drive time listeners and it's a whole new set of customers. WE can help you succeed in this marketing medium. Our media tests start from as low as $10K and reach over 2.2 million listeners. Ongoing rates are as low as $2 to $5 per thousand listeners with many TV advertisers qualifying for large radio PI deals.


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