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Last Second Cable Scores Win for Attorney Client with Last Second Cable.

In supplement to our highly successful PI run with our
largest network, we added a $50,000 bulk cable media
purchase on Last Second Cable. The results were worth
the risk...PI TV cost $150 per valid lead, whereas
this media purchase delivered $98 leads. HERE'S HOW IT
WORKS: Running for one month at a cost of $2 per
thousand viewers, this campaign reached over
25,000,000 viewers as measured by Nielsen ratings.
Comprised of micro-broadcasts on a local level, Last
Second Cable aggregates the unsold cable time of local
cable headends, multiple-system- operators (MSO's) and
interconnects on specific network channels airing 6a
to 12midnight. Based on the quarterly hour ratings of
each network, the local cable system is credited with
a proportionate payment based on the number of
households delivered. In example,if CNN does a 1
rating nationally to 100 million homes at 4pm, then
Cox Cable in Las Vegas would be paid for their run to
400,000 homes or about $8 or less. The Last Second
Cable system is unique because it provides targeted
cable time solely in the top 50 DMA's and provides
guaranteed viewership. As some of you may know, PI TV
does extremely well in DMA 50 to 200. By adding this
bulk cable purchase along with an ongoing PI campaign,
the client was not only able to capture nearly 500 new
cases in big cities, but they even lowered the average
cost of thier PI. Available from $50K per month,
consult your LSM representative for a custom plan.

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