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Celebrating our third year of serving you, Last Second Media has added more media networks and a key East Coast Account Executive. Last month we talked about Broadcast Yield Management (TM) and how we can build you a predicatable profit model for your sales organization. Well a number have taken us up on the challenge and are already growing their business predicably and with scale. Let us show you how this unique system works. Join us if you'd like to make more sales next year: Frank Pournelle President/CEO Last Second Media Inc. D&B: 156157682 CALL 1-800-334-4500

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Many DRTV advertisers have been reporting radio success lately. One client reported a 20% savings on a cost-per-lead over television and a 30% improvement on sales conversion over tv leads. This client and others are finding great value with the addition of a remnant cash buy or pay-for-performance campaign on radio. The good news is that we have four radio networks to get started. Plus, direct response radio adds the benefit of delivering urban markets where unsold tv time is hard to acquire cheaply. For some, adding a radio component just supplements the geographic penetration they're having on TV in reaching the heartland, south and smaller markets. Others are realizing TV viewers are different from radio drive time listeners and it's a whole new set of customers. WE can help you succeed in this marketing medium. Our media tests start from as low as $10K and reach over 2.2 million listeners. Ongoing rates are as low as $2 to $5 per thousand listeners with many TV advertisers qualifying for large radio PI deals.


Per Inquiry Sales Giant Joins Last Second Media

Bob Visco of Richmond, VA joins Last Second Media as a senior account executive and media planner after 18 years in the industry. Bob is a direct marketing and advertising professional with extensive direct response media, advertising management and new business development experience in a wide variety of agency, client-side, in-house agency and consultancy positions. For Last Second Media, Bob will concentrate on national concerns seeking higher volume campaigns on TV and Radio. Bob has handled ITT Technical Institute, Law Offices of James Sokolove, University of Phoenix, Sears Home Improvements, Medical Hair Restoration, Mantis Roto-Tiller and America’s Lending Partners. Never satisfied with just past success, Bob also completed his MBA in 2002 from the Haas Business School at Cal Berkley. After competing with Bob for clients over the years, we've learned his unique knack for making money for clients would be invaluable and we're absolutely proud to be working with him now. You can reach Bob at or at 707.478.0063

AD TIP #87: Get Ready for Digital Television & Shorter Attention Spans

You want to make more money next year? Our advice for a successful 2006 is to learn from history and shift your budgets to the new world order of digital marketing. Your digital media budget should literally double this year. Why? First, assume that the world of mixed media or “convergence” is here. Second, assume that the principles of direct response radio, print, TV, and direct mail will still hold true. In fact, these “old-line medias” will always have a place in your marketing mix– even if it’s declining. Playing counter-cyclical can really play off, too. But, the ugly facts are that direct response marketing is always driven by reach (how many people see our ads) and conversion (how many people respond). In sum, you will always need to reach more folks to make more money. That means testing scientifically on new medias for reach. And the fact is that advertising always follows the habits of the consumer. They are changing and they include new ways to respond and convert to sale. That means testing new medias scientifically for conversion. Think about it: We use the web at work, we meet new companies right off the Internet, we decide to buy after watching flash presentations online, we call for more information from our cell phone and we like the immediacy of instant messenger when we have follow-up questions. NOW FOR THE SALES PITCH: To be ready for this evolving world, Last Second Media has developed a complete package that will keep you abreast and ahead of the competition in the Digital sphere. First, the Digital Conversion Program is a review and construction of your vital functionality on the web. Are you using backlinks, press releases, content pages, HTML content-related URL’s, SEO, CPC, and even pay-per-call? Do you have a pay-for-performance affiliate program using all the tools including tiles, banners, skyscrapers, content, and now video that can drive your business? If not, learn more at the page below: TO BE A WINNING ADVERTISER MEANS EVOLVING YOUR OFFER INTO THE NEW MEDIUMS. History showed ad money flowing from print and radio to the new medium of TV. The same will hold true of the Internet, but much faster. As Internet advertising grabs a bigger share of marketing budgets. we’re all going to create our spots (and new ads too) for a new medium where attention spans can be measured in split seconds. We’re going to catch new folks in new medias. We’re going to convert them to sale in new ways. If you’d like a leg up on the competition for 2006, learn more about available digital media programs from Last Second Media:

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