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Wow! The world of pay-for-performance broadcast is sure in constant flux. To keep your business on the cutting edge of radio, television, and digital marketing consider the value of our Broadcast Yield Management System (TM) and learn how we can build you a predictable profit model for your growing sales organization. Just this last month, a number have taken us up on the challenge and are growing their businesses in the tax, legal, grant funding, debt settlement, pharmaceutical, financing, software and travel segments. Welcome to all our new clients! Frank Pournelle President/CEO Last Second Media Inc. D&B: 156157682 CALL 1-800-334-4500

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NEW POSITION AVAILABLE In his third year at Last Second Media, Jeff Wall, our Vice President of Operations needs help in managing our growing operation. If you or a colleague is a talented media analyst or operations guru, we welcome your application for this position in Las Vegas. A competitive base salary, Health/Dental, and bonus program make this an excellent opportunity for those with 2-4 years of direct marketing, television or radio experience. Please visit the accompanying link for more information.

AD TIP #86: Closing Your Sales with Digital Media

What would happen to your bottom line if you raised your sales conversion up by 10%? Well, you can get more sales revenue in a flash! Today, you're likely capturing leads from TV, radio and the search engines. You're calling them back and spending lots of time on the phone. You're mailing to them. You're emailing them. But how do you squeeze out even more sales conversion? The answer is automated sales in a system we call communication continuum. HERE'S WHY YOU NEED NEW WAYS TO PRESENT YOURSELF: In any high-dollar or complex value proposition the key to sales conversion is customer understanding. That's why longform infomercials convert so very well--the customer understands more. So, if your group wants to make more money next year with the same volume of leads, our advice is to create a longform Flash presentation online. Take a look at this amazing presentation for a real estate-based work-from-home opportunity by clicking on the picture above. Imagine this level or presentation for your offer! Whether you're involved in legal, investments, mortgage or working-from-home, this method of taking the customer to the next step is vital to lowering operations costs and increasing your bottom line. In sum, you will always need to close more folks to make more money. That means using new medias for conversion. Would you be more likely to buy after watching this flash presentation online or from a salesperson call alone? NOW FOR THE SALES PITCH: To be ready for this evolving world, Last Second Media has developed a complete package that will keep you rocking ahead of the competition in the Digital sphere. Imagine a FLASH PRESENTATION that can drive your business while you sleep! TO BE A WINNING ADVERTISER MEANS AUTOMATING YOUR SALES PRESENTATION INTO THE NEW MEDIUMS. If you’d like a leg up on the competition for 2006, learn more about available digital media programs from Last Second Media. Flash construction, scripting and expert consultation from just $10K.



Once again, we're seeing client gains on radio and renewed interest in our pay-for-performance radio testing network. This two week radio test is just $10K and qualifies national corporate lead generation offers for ongoing pay-for-performance broadcast (aka Per Inquiry). Imagine, your offer will air 30 times on 200 stations nationwide with a cumulative reach of 10 million impressions and 4.6 million listeners. With these test results, you can confidently move forward nationally and pay nothing for ongoing radio broadcast. Many DRTV advertisers have been reporting success because radio listeners regularly convert to sale better than DRTV. Plus, with a generally lower cost per lead and the ability to reach urban markets in A/B counties, many are reporting that radio is vital to smooth call flow. TRY IT! Ongoing rates are as low as $2 to $4 per thousand listeners. Many TV advertisers are qualifying for large radio PI deals in supplement to their PI TV business. Smart move to create a diversified media portfolio with no risk advertising.


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