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This fourth quarter we're helping clients make oodles more money with key additions to our pay-for-performance platforms. We're gaining ground on the competition with newly organized cash upfront buys on key cable networks, bringing aboard fantastic new per inquiry networks and even adding Internet Television to our per inquiry tool box. Come join us if you'd like to make more sales:

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  • See Last Second Media at The DMA Internet Television Now Available on Pay-For-Performance Our Little Rocket Company Takes Off!
  • Advertising Tip #85: Matching Lead Buyers with Customers Geographically

  • Internet Television Now Available on Pay-For-Performance
    Internet Television

    Worried that your future customers are watching less TV and spending more time online? Unhappy with the conversion of your Internet advertising compared to TV? Well now you meld the two worlds and pay only for success. Broadband or Internet Television is the latest wave of pay-for-performance marketing available for advertisers. Internet TV places your commercial within web content and you pay for each call, each valid lead or each web lead. Now your full motion video can be seen as digital advertising imbedded into relevant content like NASCAR, golf, cooking or even high school sports. It works like this: A :30 commercial is inserted into the beginning or end of a video clip. Some have even placed a sponsorship board on the front for the clip. In example "This racing report brought to you by The Work at Home Institute " Or others wrap their advertisement around the video clip. Take a look at a few of these sites, then read more in this recent New York Times article. (In one recent example, Holland Cruises garnered 17,000 requests for more information about their Culinary Cruise in just five weeks. Cost was $7.50 per lead and they sold out 900 cabins) Yep, Internet TV is not only pretty, but pretty powerful when done right. LINKS AT or

    Our Little Rocket Company Takes Off!

    If you're looking for something to set your company apart from the competition here's something new! This week one of our clients announced a major contract to build rocket racers. That's right, at the New Mexico Air Show this weekend an Indy car racing team demonstrated 3 dimension aerobatic stunts that will be performed by XCOR's rocket planes next year. With a 20 foot flumes of fire and GPS positioning devices, 5 branded planes will be televised as they race the skies in a 3 dimensional course at airshows around the country. It's cool enough that a video game is being made. Last Second Media Inc. is the investor communications firm for the nifty little reusable rocket company called XCOR Aerospace. In addition to helping raise funds and communicate with its investors we help provide communication tools and advice on sponsorship opportunities. Let us know if your firm is ready to sponsor a plane.

    Advertising Tip #85: Matching Lead Buyers with Customers Geographically

    We've found a unique formula for filling in geographic needs from our lead generation buyers and still saving them money by qualifying for pay-for-performance advertising (aka per inquiry) Imagine you're a mortgage lead company that has clients needing leads from 20 or more states. You know that if you buy local television or local cable, that your cost per lead is both unpredictable and costly. Some clients have reported savings of 80% by buying unsold advertising on a national scale. The problem is that to enjoy the great low cost of per inquiry leads you have to accept leads from 45 states or more. (It's tough to make PI work if it's not national) But what if you have huge need for leads in California, but many of your leads from per inquiry are on the East Coast? Here are some great solutions: First, if you can accommodate web leads, try buying geo-targeted leads through Google AdSense. This let's you have your paid Cost Per Click campaigns appear in only those cities that you designate. Secondly, we offer local cable buys through cable interconnects in specific states. With a million homes or more per system, clients enjoy state targeting with decent savings. But if really cheap offline media is important, try our Residual Radio program. This let's you select local broadcast within 250 radio markets, dialed in by format. Costing between $1 and $5 per spot, Residual Radio is a very cost effective way to fill in your lead needs --adding to your national TV campaign that's saving you big bucks through per inquiry.

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