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Supplementing DRTV with DR Radio

A number of successful direct response clients have been adding to their success on TV with the help of our massive, targeted remnant radio network.

Here's a brief review of our radio primer (available to you without cost - just ask).

  • Radio listeners are more likely to call for more information than go online.
  • Radio advertisements usually generate fewer calls than TV ads, but radio boasts a higher ratio of calls to sales.
  • In a recent study of website visits generated for the same offer from both television and radio, visitors to the website were 50% more likely to fill out a lead form from radio than TV. 
  • Some clients have experienced an 80% closing ratio using radio with an additional 20% potential for up-sells
  • Radio stations' cost-efficiency is created through reaching listeners who are more predisposed to buy.  You'll get fewer calls per media dollar, but more than make up with less expensive targeting and far greater sales conversion.
  • There are 35 known radio formats and more than 10,000 terrestrial radio stations.  With such an abundance of options, great media deals can be made on highly targeted venues. 
  • Radio's greatest asset is the unique one-to-one, emotions-driven experience you can only get with radio. Listeners believe radio and it's advertiser's are more relevant to them than TV
  • Radio reaches 95% of all consumers every week.
  • The average radio commercial tends to have an 80 percent recall power greater than a single television ad.

Learn more about our national radio tests starting at $20,000 a month.  You'll enjoy targeted testing to up to 10,000,000 listeners with very scalable results.

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