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Buying Credibility with DR Print Advertising

Recently a weight-loss client and a state-wide law firm had similar interest in using newsprint in certain cities to support their localized television campaigns - but the costs were prohibitive.  They had received quotes on so-called “remnant rates” that still didn't make sense. Try as they might, the numbers were upside-down for the number of readers offered.

Let us toot our own horn a bit and learn how they made it work…

The clients wanted the big quarter page newspaper ads that lent credibility to their cause.  After all, they wanted to speak with hard-to-reach Influentials and had to have advertising that gave the sense of being local. They asked: Is it possible to get remnant Newspaper rates not at 20% to 70% off, but at up to 94% off?  With the right cost numbers, they felt strongly that this could work.

Originally, they were told that remnant space is a little known secret to successful print advertising.  They understood it works like this:

“When the major newspapers are publishing their daily papers, they always have some unsold "remnant space" left. This is caused when stories run long or a half page ad is sold and the other half is still available. The newspapers will then sell this space at an incredibly low rate in order to meet their deadlines. The result is, you get and ad for sometimes 10-20% of what the rate card will say.”

But, would working with a direct response media broker make it even more economical?

Here's how they made their advertising work even better.  Surefire Advertising states on their website that “a quarter page ad in the Bridgewater NJ Courier that should cost $800, can be had for as low as only $275.”

Through our media brokerage it's $113.82, with minimum buys.  Same ad, same size, same paper - big difference in price, and much better return on investment.  Plus, they can scale up to as many as 1572 papers nationally and even enjoy USA Today.


The jury is still out on the long-term benefits for the law firm, but the weight-loss client used these slimmed-down rates to receive a 1.5 to 1 return on their investment into newsprint.  Convinced these are customers they'd never reach on TV, they reordered at twice the volume.

PS: If interested, let us tell you more about pay-for-performance Classified Display advertising, too.  Available in a very large, free weekly shopper, this is a great venue for low-end offers like Payday loans, Computer Financing, and No Credit cell phone offers.

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