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Is Your Web Landing Page Costing You Business?

Charged with the task of creating a new web landing page for a client, we did a quick internet search in an attempt to reveal examples of other good landing pages. Sadly, this was much more difficult than expected, as good landing pages were few and far between.

If you've committed to spending thousands of dollars advertising your product or service, and encouraging prospective customers to visit your web site, you're literally throwing money away with an ineffective landing page. Too many companies are missing the boat; overly concerned with creating a beautiful or informative web landing page. Sometimes, they seem to lose sight of the real goal: capturing customers. An effective landing page should have a simple form for capturing customer information - don't rely on visitors to navigate their way to your form.  The more links a visitor must follow to reach your form, the fewer visitors are going to become customers. As well, give an incentive to give customer information.

When evaluating web landing pages, there are a few other issues to keep in mind:

  • Be aware of unintentional barriers created by other design elements. If you've got pictures and graphics creating a line from the left side of the screen to the right, you've just created a visual barrier to any information below that line.
  • In the newspaper business, they use the terms “above the fold” and “below the fold,” which refer to (surprise!) the area above or below the fold of the newspaper. The same concept applies to the web. When a page is loaded, everything visible -–without scrolling down -- is considered above the fold.  Anything which requires a visitor to scroll down to view is below the fold. Just like a newspaper editor, you'll want to keep your headlines, pictures and forms above the fold to catch the attention of your visitor, and your less important information below the fold.
  • · Keep your message simple. When listing benefits, include only those which are most compelling. Don't create more questions in the mind of the customer. In addition, don't get heavy into details, don't be redundant, and don't repeat information by saying the same thing again and again and being too repetitive and redundant.
  • · Make your form as simple to fill out as possible. Few people enjoy filling out forms, but don't aggravate the situation by asking questions you don't really need answers to!
  • Include visual elements from the referring advertisement. For example, if you've just created interest in your product or service with a TV commercial, keep the fire stoked with familiar pictures, people, and messages.
  • Don't be afraid of white space. Effective use of white space creates a clean look to the site, which is much more visually appealing than the cluttered mess which occurs from trying to include too much information.
  • Wow – An entire newsletter about what to do and what not to do when creating landing pages without blatantly insulting any industry friends!
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