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Break Through Clutter with Teamwork

IIf you've not seen anything new on TV that's caught your eye, maybe you'll be surprised what a little creative teamwork can do.  This week, we launched CartridgeClub for 1800-INKJETS.  You can watch the spot in Windows Media at:

The project was tough and required a massive nation-wide creative collaboration to introduce the first 3D digital character in Direct Response TV. We think it was worth it. 

The new TV campaign for 1-800INKJETS' CartridgeClub launched on Thursday generated orders on it's first broadcast . Uniquely, the campaign was orchestrated using digital and real-world talent from across the country.

In Florida, the art direction talent of Guillermo Herrera at maintained brand integrity, while 3D specialist Neil Lockhart at Anderson Grimes Melton in Carson City, NV set their six machines to render the character over several weeks.  

Meanwhile, in Las Vegas, NV the real world actor portrayals were produced by Mike Levy at CMX/Century Productions using high-definition cameras, digital sound mixing and a custom music score by impresario Jim Parker. 

More favors were called in, too. Rusty Meyers, a long time commercial veteran spokesman for Wendy's, took an equity-waiver to cameo the frustrated executive. But, it's the energetic Mr. Inky who stars in this upbeat, bright continuity campaign. 

The creative-teamwork is backed by a strong continuity offer.  In such a cluttered market such as inkjets, it was vital to have a compelling creative, but a strong offer, too. That's why not only does the consumer get a free Mr. Inky Plush Toy (to capture word-of-mouth), but they also receive a free set of both black and color inkjets when they sign up for just one additional delivery at up to 60% off retail.  Think Columbia Record Club but for inkjet cartridges.

The offbeat production and strong offer will now be leveraged with a pay-for-performance DRTV campaign using up to 600 broadcasting outlets around the country.

Last Second Media directed while managing media testing and pay-for-performance opportunities.  Sacha Ouvaroff at The Difference Engine produces.

Hope you like it.  If we can help you or your clients break through the clutter, please let us know.

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