Tips 66

:10 Billboard Sponsorships

We've been looking at the CMR TV Advertising Report to see who's airing on Cable; but not on local broadcast television.  Guess who's missing the boat on the cheapest eyeballs in America? Direct response marketers!

After all, nationally syndicated shows like Inside Edition , Wheel of Fortune , and  She Spies are not selling all their valuable local broadcast time.  In the switchover to cable-only advertising, it turns out the lonely :10 billboards are not being purchased by packaged goods client any more; resulting in very low rates.  Moreover, direct response marketers are saying the little 14-word messages are "TOO SHORT" to get their message across and provide any value; so prices are even cheaper.

Is there an opportunity for a sharp marketer, here?

We're seeing the average cost of a :10 Second Closed Captioning sponsorship on nationally syndicated shows slipping to the $1,000-$3,750 range; down from  $7,500!  :10 spots are going for half of their regular rates!

BUT, all this national television means nothing if you don't have viewers for your little broadcast do you? Now, imagine broadcasting at 7:30 pm, Thursday night, to 106,000,000 households, in 170+ markets, spread out over 3 hours, and you begin to see the benefits.  It's huge reach for the direct marketer with millions of impressions at fire sale prices. 

With the ratings on Wheel of Fortune showing peaks of 15.1 million nightly viewers , don't you have a few :10 media schedules to go test? 

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