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In previous articles, we've talked about the need to link search engine marketing with your offline media such as this topic: Harnessing the Power of Search Engines

Here's something new that's growing:  Targeting your final audience and not the offer with unique text links on the search engines.


Our prominent lead generation client in the work-from-home category has been screaming for more volume at a reasonable price.  He's got such a profitable offer that he has an endless demand for leads—at the right price of course.

Despite being one of Cable Advertising Bureau's top 20 advertisers through both PI television and lastsecondCABLE , a formidable radio advertiser on lastsecondRADIO , and a buyer of remnant print media from lastsecondPRINT , the client has had to expand into digital media. Some of his digital marketing results are good, some bad:

  • FREE Search engine optimization (SEO) offered the best type of leads but was not replicable over time.  With all the work spent on getting pages maximized for the search engines, an algorithm change could decimate hundreds of hours of IT investment.  This happened eight times in under 4 months and cost tens of thousands of dollars · Opt-in email to general lists delivered very poor results

  • Opt-in email worked to targeted lists, but risked blocking their servers from spam complaints

  • Incentivized Co-Registration delivered poor conversion despite being low cost

  • CPC Keyword purchases from Overture, Google, MSN and others worked with terms like ‘work-from-home', but came in at a high cost-per-click and a low conversion for the cost as competitors bid up the cost of popular and powerful terms

  • Using text links Portal advertising such as Career Builder, Hot Jobs, Monster and yielded widely varying costs and massive peaks and valleys in lead volume


It turns out the digital area for lead expansion on this client was in generic CPC keyword purchases , but not in the fields you would expect.

It wasn't that folks were looking for a work-from-home opportunity; rather, they were seeking resources for adding to their income IN THEIR CURRENT FIELD.

Who's really seeking a second income for their household?  Those with both a current income and disposable time.  So the target for the generic CPC keyword purchases became: firefighters, police officers, airline pilots, teachers, parents, and college students.

Where the cost-per-click was once $1 or more, the client is driving thousands of needed leads at $.10 to $.20.  Conversion is good and the client is happy.

Next time you need lead volume, consider supporting your offer by targeting a good audience—not targeting the offer.

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