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Eliminating Bad Leads with LeadGenius

It's now August, and media is still crowded and expensive. So how are smart marketers still enjoying 20% annual growth? 

Some are tightening the belt with lead vendors by using better data filters on their inbound web leads. It's a process we call LeadGenius; and it can have a powerful effect on your bottom line.

Take for example one client with a successful lead generation business that drives response to the web through direct-response television.  Despite offering some of the best leads in the business, their first-time buyers weren't turning into repeat customers. With a high initial cost of customer acquisition, they needed to understand why clients weren't coming back for more.  

It turned out that a few bad leads had managed to sneak through the system, and the customers began to question their value. But how were they getting through? The web server caught duplicates and made sure no two leads came from the same session ID or computer.  What were they doing wrong?  How could they automate lead correction before it entered their database?

Although their system was catching duplicates, they were allowing leads from folks like Bugs Bunny who lived in Miami but had a Canadian postal code.  Human cognition could spot the problem, but standard database protocols could not.  They needed logic.  They needed a smarter database. They needed LeadGenius.

You've seen some forms of this front-end process on web landing pages, but LeadGenius takes it several steps further.  Here are some interesting programming concepts you might not currently check:

  • First Name: Does not contain 3 consecutive letters
  • Last Name: Must exceed 1 letter, contains no numbers
  • First and Last Check: First name and last name field does not contain Donald+Duck, Mickey+Mouse, John+Smith, John+Wayne, etc.
  • Phone Number: Does not contain more than 4 consecutive numbers
  • Address: Must contain one of these letters: A,E,I,O,U or Y
  • Zip: All US Zip Codes must contain 5 numbers/ No US Zip Code may contain a letter

Today, the same client uses over 100 new database checks and the quality of their leads has improved by 7%.  Although it may not sound like much, consider this: each successive lead test produced over $100,000 in new monthly revenue - just by rejecting John Wayne and Mickey Mouse!  Simple, Effective, Smart Try it!

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