Tips 59

Increasing Sales Conversion from Web Inquiries

The sooner you reply, the more likely the sale.

Ever walk out of a store because you couldn't find sales help?  The same concept applies to converting web inquiries to sales.  It's 2am.  Are you ready to sell? 

Here's the first of six great tools available for automating the sales process, and increasing sales conversion:

1. Drop-In After Web Landing Page (Up to 17% Increase in conversion)

After the customer enters their information on a website, their information is posted or “dropped-in” to your specific offer page. 

For example, say you're running an online university, and a prospective student indicated on your landing page that they were interested in a marketing degree. You might then direct them to a second page with specific information about the marketing program. Now you can also call the person by their name, and if it makes sense, you can pre-populate the second page with the submitted information.

Used properly, drop-ins help speed the sales process along automatically, and make it easy for you to gather even more information from the customer.

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