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DRPR - Direct Response Public Relations

Each year, the average US consumer is exposed to 86,500 commercials.  How do you break through the clutter and augment your expensive DR campaigns in this time of more expensive media? Think DRPR.

By integrating a publicity element into your overall campaign, you can add the word-of-mouth and third-party endorsement that can be only generated from a media reporter. After all, when you read the paper, are you looking at the ads or the articles?

The role of PR can be significant to your sales when integrated with offline advertising, web components and non-traditional media channels.

So what do you do? Hire an expensive PR agency? Not always. 


What you do need is a message that gets media attention.  A message that is truly newsworthy and in a NEW category that you can be first in. Remember, the media reports news, not history. This NEW category has to have a motivating factor to cause a switch from the old to the new. So, if you're selling hearing aids, explain how your new products solves an old problem in a new way. A great place to see examples is to type in your competitors name or the industry you're in, at .  See what has been covered and emulate their success.


Once you've written a decent press release, put it on your web site, email it to your database, send it to past press contacts, and let your vendors know about it.  Put links to the release in the tag line of all your emails.  Include copies in all your fulfillment. Send your release to industry magazines, websites. local papers, news stations and convention speaker bureaus.  Let it be known-especially to the people you already do business with.  Next consider paying for a newswire release like Business Newswire ( ).

Your goal is to get not only press coverage, but the resulting web links that this coverage generates. Enjoy the buzz, superior positioning, credibility and higher web inquiries that only DRPR can offer.

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