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Harnessing Search Engines to Power Offline Media

More and more, consumers are bypassing the traditional way we have tracked response. They are not writing down the 800# and instead -- they are responding on the Internet via search engines. How do you account for the huge spillover benefit?

Recent campaigns and other marketing studies have show as much as .5 to 2 untracked web responses for every tracked lead. Now, more than ever, it's important to create a unique offer for respondents to offline media so you can track response. Columbia House invented this technique in the 1980's with their GOLD DOT program.  When you saw the TV commercial, you knew to write in the number for your extra free tape within the special gold dot located in TV Guide.  In the same way, consider offering a special link and search engine optimization for your special TV or radio offer.  Your goal is to average the seemingly high cost of offline response (through 800#'s and tracked websites) along with the low cost of trackable, online media. With a little creativity you may find a great way to drive volume and profits. Some great tools for maximizing the effects of online traffic through offline marketing include:

  • Affiliate Networks like Commission Junction & BeFree
  • Contextual Networks that aggregate related topic traffic
  • Free Organic Search techniques including Search Engine Optimization
  • Paid Search a.k.a. Cost per Click
  • Related Text Links, including the new Google offering: G-Mail
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