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5,760 Spots

(9X Run, 12 shows on 33-108 stations)

MEDIA WEEKS 12-14 COST :  $4,998 (pre-paid)

F I R E S A L E ! This is an amazing price on a 12-pack of killer talk radio shows. Includes XM Satellite broadcast as well as day time broadcast on up to 108 stations. $.87 per spot.

With politically-charged, foreground conversations, this is really engaging media. Reaching males or seniors, this is perfect for Gold, Investment, Insurance, Mortgage Political Advertising and Mass Tort offers.

Buy this firesale opportunity before they realize how cheap this is going for!

Call or email for a list of the shows, impessions and rates. Plus, we now offer the SocialRadioStats. It's our unique measure of web-interactivity including Facebook and Twitter followers by show.


Using this system we’ll run 5,760 spots over a two week period.  Based on the results of the media test, we will then offer a performance-based pricing (Per  Inquiry/CPL) for roll out on up to 1,000 additional radio broadcast  venues.  You’ll pay nothing for broadcast after this test, just for each valid lead or call

DETAILS: Up to 108 Stations,  5,760 Spots  :60 Length
Cost Per Spot:    $.86 (eighty-six cents)
Impressions:  4,000,000
Estimated Audience:  1,707,000
Average CPM:   $1.25 CPM  (It costs a little over a buck and quarter to reach 1,000 listeners)
Formats:  News-Talk outlets, AM, FM, XM Satellite

Actual Market Coverage from Prior Campaigns (Up to 112 DMAs):

LITTLE ROCK                                      AR MINNEAPOLIS                                            MN
ALHAMBRA                                           CA KIRKSVILLE                                         MO
ANAHEIM                                            CA WESTPLAINS                                         MO
LOS ANGELES                                    CA GREENSBORO                                         NC
LONG BEACH                                         CA LUMBERTON                                          NC
ORANGE                                             CA RANDLEMAN                                          NC
LAS VEGAS                                        CA STATESVL                                           NC
SOUTHTAHOE                                         CA BISMARCK                                           ND
UPLAND                                             CA NEWBRNSWCK                                         NJ
VAN NUYS                                           CA NEWTON                                             NJ
HARTFORD                                           CT PLAINFIELD                                         NJ
WATERBURY                                          CT LAS VEGAS                                          NV
JACKSONVL                                          FL BRONX                                              NY
MIAMI                                              FL AKRON                                              OH
ATLANTA                                            GA CAMBRIDGE                                          OH
ATLANTA NE                                         GA BILLINGS                                           OK
BUFORD                                             GA DALLAS                                       TX
HILO                                               HI EUGENE                                             OR
HONOLULU                                           HI AIKEN                                              SC
RICHMOND                                           IN COLUMBIA                                           SC
BARDSTOWN                                          KY AUSTIN                                             TX
PIKEVILLE                                          KY DEL RIO                                            TX
CROWLEY                                            LA DENISON                                            TX
LK CHARLES                                         LA FLS CHURCH                                         VA
HAGERSTOWN                                         MD EVERETT                                            WA
EAGLE LAKE                                         ME PASCO                                              WA
DETROITZN5                                         MI SPOKANE                                            WA
MT CLEMENS                                         MI MADISON                                             WI
OSSEO                                              MI CUMBERLAND                                         WI
BOYD                                               MN BECKLEY                                            WV
RED WING                                           MN CASPER                                             WY
TWINCITIES                                         MN GILLETTE                                           WY


Clear Channel Comm. American General Media Fort Bend Bcstg Corp. Cumulus Media, Inc. Backyard Bcstg Galaxy Comm., LP Citadel Comm. Corp. Bonneville Intnatl Corp. GHB Bcstg Co. CBS Radio, Inc. Mid-West Family Stns Keymarket Comm., LLC Gap Bcstg, LLC Bustos Media Corp. Heartland Comm. Grp, LLC Entercom Flinn Bcstg Lincoln Financial Media Salem Comm. Corp. Lotus Comm. Corp. Marathon Media Saga Comm., Inc. First Media Radio, LLC Pacific Empire Comm. Corp. Cox Radio, Inc. Renda Bcstg Corp. Pembrook Pines, Inc. Univision/Bcstg Media Partne Emmis Comm. Corp. Schurz Comm., Inc. Cherry Creek Radio, LLC Greater Media, Inc. Bunyard Bcstg Regent Comm., Inc. Michael Perry Stephens L.M. Comm., Inc. Aloha Stn Trust Black Crow Bcstg, Inc. Magic Bcstg, Inc. Radio One Hall Comm., Inc. Millennium Radio Grp, LLC Nassau Bcstg West Virginia Radio Corp. QueenB Radio Bicoastal Media, LLC Bristol Bcstg Co. Inc. Results Radio, LLC Entravision Comm. Corp. Commonwealth Bcstg Corp. Route 81 Radio, LLC Beasley Brdcst Grp Access.1 Comm. Corp. Artistic Media Ptnrs Midwest Comm., Inc. Buckley Bcstg Cache Valley Radio Grp NextMedia Dowdy Bcstg, Inc. elmarva Bcstg Co. Mapleton Comm. Linder Radio Grp Dix Comm. Max Brdcst Grp Hldgs, LLC Maverick Media LLC Federated Media NRG Media, LLC Northern Star Bcstg, LLC FFD Hldgs, Inc. New Northwest Brdcsters, LLC Curtis Media Grp Good Karma Bcstg, LLC Cumulus Media Ptnrs Main Line Bcstg Lakes Radio, Inc. Journal Brdcst Grp Vox Radio Grp Leighton Enterprises, Inc. Pamal Bcstg Connoisseur Media, LLC Peak Bcstg, LLC Morris Comm. Gold Coast Bcstg Co. South Central Comm. Triad Bcstg Co., LLC Wilks Bcstg, LLC Bahakel Comm., Inc. Forever Bcstg Inner City Bcstg Corp. Centennial Bcstg Corp. Northeast Bcstg Co., Inc Frontier Capital Ptnrs Farm and Home Bcstg Co. Qantum Comm. Corp. Omni Bcstg Co. Great Scott Bcstg Double O Radio Visionary Related Entertainment Locally Owned Radio LLC Withers Bcstg Co.

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