Low Cost Media - Pay-for-Perfomance Advertising

INow you can now run your commercials nationally on a cost per acquisition (CPA), or cost-per-lead (CPL) basis.controlling your marketing costs with guaranteed results.

It's called pay-for-performance advertising - and Last Second Media is the expert at making it work.

We have access to the biggest and best PI networks in the country, allowing you to completely eliminate the financial risks traditionally associated with TV advertising.

Imagine: Your offer broadcast on up to 600 local television stations, cable interconnects, syndicated programming, or satellite venues, or on over 2,500 radio stations - AT NO COST! Pay for results; not advertising.

Other advantages to letting Last Second Media manage your pay-for-performance advertising campaign include:

  • The flexibility to remove poorly-converting stations

  • The foresight to prove profitability before roll-out

  • The unique ability to target your audience with specialized networks

By measuring, testing, and driving down your marketing costs, Last Second Media offers national reach and predictable profits.

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