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Last Second Media Inc. announced a new payday loan lead program for national payday loan concerns.  The program is powered by professional Web Radio and has up to 134 million monthly impressions available.

Last Second Media is a leader in providing qualified leads for the Payday Loan Industry using offline and traditional medias. Through years of experience in marketing and development, our team understands the payday loan industry, which is why we stand behind every lead program with an available money-back guarantee.

Why pay for clicks when you can pay for real time qualified applications through the web or over the phone? Our leads are generated from a network of our own radio station internet sites. We can power your business through the massive audience of professional web radio programs. The GOOD NEWS is you can qualify for our program to pay only for each valid lead or each real time application.

Our Payday Loan Per Inquiry Lead Program specializes in the fast cash advance industry with instant payday loan leads. Our turnkey marketing services are also targeted to providing emergency loan leads, cash advance loan leads, payday cash advance leads and same day payday loan leads.

“Right now is a big opportunity for DRTV and DR radio advertisers to experience enormous growth and prosperity” said Last Second Media president, Frank Pournelle. “Media has never been so plentiful or so cheap.  With our power-packed suite of performance media options, we can save a client thousands in media and earn them millions more.  By marrying old and new media with an accountable methodology, we can rapidly position a sales organization for success --while others are failing. “

Last Second Media is a master builder of results-oriented lead generation programs positioned to take advantage of residual, remnant or unsold media.  By timing media and sales organization relationships in advance across multiple channels, LSM secures outrageous returns for clients with strong predictability and large scale. 

LSM is a strategic direct marketing and media brokerage with several methods for building brands, amplifying revenues and heightening ROI.   The firm relieves client frustration with integrated marketing that produces qualified sales leads to power the growth of their clients.  LSM produces this growth by deploying sharp, direct response marketing on TV, radio, and the Internet.  Many programs cut the risk of advertising by clients, through the use of Per Inquiry, pay per lead, Cost Per Lead (CPL) and Cost Per Action (CPA) programs.  Corporate information can be accessed at or

Enjoy a confidential and complimentary payday loan lead program consultation at 800-334-4500.

Mr. Pournelle delivers over 25 years of direct marketing success to clients in the senior care, financial, legal, medical, education, government communication and entrepreneurial industries. 

Frank is a nationally recognized figure in DR radio, DRTV, and web video.  He is known for his ability to use direct response media to deliver unprecedented ROI for clients.  Frank holds copyright to some of the most powerful lines in the direct response space and has produced over 50+ successful DRTV commercials in short from and long form programming. His master degree in Integrated Marketing Communications was shaped with an emphasis on marketing strategy, tactical media testing and consumer decision making.   Frank is the architect of LeadGenius®, a patent-pending process for verifying, scoring and promoting sales using artificial intelligence on Internet-generated marketing programs.  He also runs WebVideoLaunch, LifeGuardian, Last Second Media and RoyaltyPoint.

He lives in Las Vegas, NV, but travels extensively helping grow client organizations through sales lead generation.

Enjoy a confidential and complimentary payday loan lead program consultation at 800-334-4500.

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