Low Cost Media -* Low-Cost Cash Buys for TV and Radio*

Ready for more volume? Need to find fire-sale prices?
Last Second Media provides broadcasters with a way to generate revenue
from unsold air time.

That's because when it's time to ratchet-up the volume for your offer,
nobody negotiates lower rates on the next tier of unsold inventory than
last second media.

If you're wondering why affiliate stations are willing to provide media
on a deeply discounted, low-CPM basis, there's a simple, practical
business explanation: Even the most successful stations have an excess
of unsold advertising.

We reach syndicated shows, broadcast affiliates, satellite radio, plus
national and regional cable networks. Whether you want to advertise
across the country on the CW Network, ESPN2, Telemundo, or the History
Channel, Last Second Media can get you there - for less.

Our most popular low-cost cash buys include the following three TV systems:

1. National Cable Test:
Choose from 40 top national networks and get your commercial broadcast to 9.5 million households in the country's biggest markets.

2. Cable Testing Network:
Broadcast your :60 commercial 24,000 times on a variety of networks to 2.1 million households across the country. This system utilizes 236 cable head-ends concentrated in mid-size to smaller markets.

3. National Broadcast Test :

Reach over 6.9 million households in DMA's 100 and up. This is broadcast television, so your offer is not restricted to cable households only.

4. Last Second Cable:_ _
Access 15% of all cable inventory in the country! This National system
broadcasts heavily in the top 100 DMA's, and your $50k/month campaign can be customized by network, day-part, and even geographic region.

Our most popular low-cost cash buys include the following radio network:

1. National Radio Network:
This is perfect for augmenting pay-for-performance Television & Cable. Enjoy targeted, low-CPM radio time on premium Urban stations and formats. Avoid the DVR-stinger and reach folks on the way and at the office. Hundreds of dollars less per broadcast. Fantastic geo-graphic and format lets you dial in more profits. Scalable to over 2,500 stations nationally. Use the "theater-of-the-mind" intrinsic to the radio medium to connect with your
new customers. From $30K per month. Free scripting and production.
Lots of value-add services included, too. Ask for a free consultation
today or visit this page to learn more.

Last Second TV Opportunity

Learn more about the incredible media efficiency from Closed Captioning sponsorship. Your 14-18 word ad will reach all your favorite shows at a very low CPM.Learn more.

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