Direct Response TV Commercial -LifeGuardian

When it's time to drive high-dollar financial transactions, Last Second Media may be your preferred partner. This direct response tv commercial was produced by Last Second Media in Las Vegas. It's part of an overall campaign that includes direct response radio. These Direct Response marketing services are for traditional advertisers seeking an accountable approach that also builds the value of the brand. Called Direct Awareness, we combine strong copy, a compelling offer and clear messaging to grow your business. This spot was designed for low cost cable buys targeted at seniors. The LifeGuardian commercial features non-union talent and was shot in HD using a jib crane and wide angle lens. Simultaneously, the fulfillment DVD was recorded using the same on-camera talent. Produced by Frank Pournelle. Call 1-800-334-4500 to learn more.

DRTV Marketing - Financing Alternatives

For the rent-to-own and computer layaway business, direct response ad agency Last Second Media of Las Vegas produced this low budget production for Financing Alternatives. With national cable buys on USA and BET, the creative proved that an emotional appeal with believable testimonials can be more cost effective than yell-and-sell. In a cameo-performance of meta-fiction proportions, you'll note the appearance of Last Second Media president, Frank Pournelle. How do you cram in all 4 key motivators of sex, greed, fantasy, and convenience in a computer layaway spot? Look and learn.

Direct Response TV Commercial - GN Resound Air

This direct response TV commercial was produced by Last Second Media in Las Vegas for HearingPlanet. Shot in high definition with non-union talent, the... more ยป This direct response TV commercial was produced by Last Second Media in Las Vegas for HearingPlanet. Shot in high definition with non-union talent, the DRTV commercial was aired on a per inquiry or PI basis.

DRTV Commercial by

This drtv commercial was produced for a "per-inquiry" or P.I. television campaign. It was also a great example of direct awareness where the brand is just as important as the offer. Shot in high definition at 24 frames per second, the multi-layer technique allowed viewers to both 'hear' the message and 'see' it's effects. The director and producer, Frank Pournelle, president of Last Second Media says, "My favorite is the woman exiting the revolving door in a business suit. And I loved the phrase 'raise your hand and say no more' as an empowering solution to credit card debt. It's a great call-to-action. Powerful response, too." Powerful response, too."

DRTV Marketing - Ready for Money

For over 2 years the original Ready for Money direct response tv commercial was ubiquitous on tv and cable. Produced by Last Second Media and it's president Frank Pournelle, the spot ran on nearly 1000 broadcast outlets in the US and Canada. Interestingly, the client paid nothing for the advertising, rather for each valid lead. What made the spot work so well? It featured bright over-saturated colors and upbeat music with actor portrayals that hit home to middle America. It was so new, it earned the nickname "the cartoon spot". This inexpensive update to the original READY FOR MONEY creative was produced to target female viewers and give legs to a highly over-exposed creative.

DRTV Advertising for MLM

This DRTV commercial was designed for the work-from-home industry by Last Second Media and helped power some of HerbaLife's largest distributors in North America. The spot aired on a per inquiry or pay-for-performance basis in the US and Canada. Bringing back our favorite actor and actress from the Ready for Money series, the campaign was a continuation of our ongoing efforts that delivered over 2 million new users over 3 years.

Direct Response TV - CartridgeClub

This direct response tv commercial was produced for a 'per inquiry' or pay-for-performance campaign by Last Second Media. The campaign was highly orchestrated, using digital and real-world talent from across the country. In Florida, the art direction talent of Guillermo Herrera at maintained brand integrity, while 3D specialist at Anderson Grimes Melton in Carson City, NV set their six machines to render the character over several weeks. Meanwhile, in Las Vegas, NV the real world actor portrayals were produced by Mike Levy at CMX/Century Productions using high-definition cameras, digital sound mixing and a custom music score. The creative-teamwork is also backed by a strong continuity offer -- not only does the consumer get a free Mr. Inky Plush Toy (to capture word-of-mouth), they also receive a free set of both black and color inkjets when they sign up for just one additional delivery at up to 60% off.

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